„The heart is the key to the world
and to life.“

                                                          Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg

Welcome to HeartCraft 

I feel confident that all human beings carry the solutions and answers to what they seek within themselves. Sadly, we have often lost access to our own source of strength and our heart so that we are unable to live the life our heart is longing for. But what if we looked at and shaped life from the perspective of the heart? The heart is our strongest guide and helps us to understand who we are, where we stand and how we feel.  

Through HeartCraft I offer a menu of services in the form of coaching, writing impulses & events in Zurich that can support you in reconnecting to your inner voice and your creativity. The renewed connection to your heart’s voice sets our feet back on a path that allows us to live and act in harmony with our own being and our values.   

New beginnings, new paths, changes and the search for my heart’s truth characterize my life. I aim to pass on my experiences and trust in one’s own path and to support you in a sincere, respectful and mindful manner. 

Johanna Heartcraft Coaching

 „If you set foot on the path within yourself
You will find yourself on the path to external change and freedom.
The path comes into being under your feet,
while you walk it within yourself.“

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Karin Trott