“You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him find it within himself.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Galileo Galilei


Are you ready to examine your established values and path?

Are you ready to open the door to the core of your innermost being?

What are your wishes? What do you need support with? 

  • Periods of upheaval
  • (Re-)Orientation
  • Change of perspective, realignment
  • Accessing your creativity
  • Change and decision making
  • Improved ways of dealing with conflict
  • Acceptance and transformation of blockades and fears
  • Prioritization, gaining clarity
  • Development & choice of new behavior patterns
  • Anchoring of values and goals
  • What is the next step?
  • What is to be done now? What should you refrain from?
  • Active shaping of your personal path
  • See what it is “truly” about
  • Accessing your own feelings & needs
  • Which aspects of my everyday life do I want to strengthen, support and nurture,
    which aspects do I want to part with?
  • Increasing motivation & energy
  • Setting boundaries
  • Better use of resources, identification of personal “filling stations”
  • Release of negative beliefs/Strengthening of positive beliefs
  • Dealing with high sensitivity
  • Better understanding for scanners (multi-talented creators)
  • Personal heart themes & professional themes

My aim is to support you in exploring the personal map of your own life, in confidently taking new paths or in remaining on your current path from a feeling of profound conviction through joint coaching work. I aim to pass on my experiences and the trust I have developed in my own path and hope to be the person and coach with the “heart in the right place”, who gets to support you in a sincere, respectful and mindful manner.

My coaching work, consultations & experiences are shaped by the following specializations and methods:

  • Methods of the systemic St. Galler Coaching Model
  • Systemic constellation work
  • Processes from NLP according to Robert Dilts
  • Language patterns and process structures according to Dr. Milton Erickson
  • Perception practices for a deepened “Seeing what is”
  • Belief and belief system processes
  • Accessing unconscious experiences and dynamics
  • Early personality work (inner child work)
  • Working with unconscious personality aspects
  • Self-image work according to Lucas Derks
  • (Re)Activation of resources
  • The Work according to Byron Katie
  • Wishcraft & scanner concepts according to Barbara Sher
  • Theta-Healing-processes according to Vianna Stibal
  • Creativity concepts
  • Support for HSPs (Highly sensitive persons)
  • Contacting your inner voice through the process of writing

I am looking forward to supporting you in Zurich in a sincere, respectful and mindful manner.