Social Care

Life is change and it keeps posing professional & personal challenges.


Sometimes we are faced with difficult life tasks and are expected to master our professional tasks with energy and commitment at the same time. Mastering these challenges without support is often impossible, as I know from personal experience, because our heart as our engine and our relative strength will falter in these situations. These situations can also present a great challenge for employers.


Social care management as integral part of the company culture and employee coaching on the job can provide a confidential contact point for personal difficulties, family concerns and workplace issues.


Difficulties can be identified and pointed out earlier, easing the burden for employees and management. Often everyone concerned will find it easier to confide in an external contact partner. If you identify such a need, we are here for you with our social care support to listen and to develop solutions for the necessary steps and care processes together.


HeartCraft offers social care tailored to the specific needs of the individual as personal support for employees and companies. We are always here for you: