Steps guided by the heart / Steps of the heart

Every now and then, something within us tells us to steer a new course, take another path close to our heart. In these moments an inner voice tells us that, going forward, we will find something that we cannot yet name and see. 

A tug in our chest tells us that it is worthwhile to stand up for something and to open ourselves to something new, precisely in these moments when the old, the existing, bears down on us so strongly that it seems to crush us.

The yearning to put on our seven-mile boots again, to pack the suitcase we use for our adventure trips, to pull anchor and feel the open sea, becomes ever stronger and makes itself heard through the beating of our heart. To make course corrections and to leave the safe harbor we have to overcome our insecurity and self-doubt. That requires courage and determination. Courage to leave the familiar paths behind and determination to take a chance and to cross boundaries, even if we cannot recognize and size up the consequences right away. To allow our fears to hold us back from taking even one step, to keep us frozen in place, is a conscious decision as well: the decision to stand still.

Determination means to allow our hearts to guide us into a decision to act; that is the first step. This helps us to move forward within. When our heart guides us, we undergo a realignment within, we pull anchor and set sail, although we may not yet be able to sight our new harbor. Inner alignment and determination, guided by the heart, allow us to gather our strength and stride forward and act in the world.

Acting and going forward require strength and effort. Examine your heart and ask it to agree to striking new paths and taking the first step in that endeavor despite the fears possibly arising. When we take the risk of following our feelings and unlearn old habits, we can make friends with our courage and our fears. They will become reliable and powerful companions on our life’s path.

Listen to your heart, what step does it want to take? And what is a small external step that you can make today? Is there an inkling, a yearning, within you that makes it worth it to try, even risk, something new today? Surprise yourself, experiment and playfully decide on the smallest possible step that is possible today and will strengthen your trust in the guidance of your heart and in further steps. Do you want to tell me how your heart guided you and which (internal or external) step you took today? I am looking forward to your hearing from you and your heart:

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