„Words from the heart
enter the heart”

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Anonymous author from Israel

Writing Works

Let’s embark on an exciting journey through the alphabet that is also a journey to your innermost being. Writing can be a wonderful chance to encounter the creativity in the depth of our heart, our very own workshop. And so, we can make contact with the wisdom of our inner voice.


Are you ready to get involved with the power the written word leaves behind within you? Writing allows us to pause for a moment and mirror our own attitude. Writing allows us to reflect, take our thoughts, feelings, experiences and unlived aspects from deep inside our heart and bring them into the world. If we allow space for creative writing the new, unimaginable – the yet unventured – can show itself courageously and powerfully.


Sometimes writing is a process of tentative drafting, sometimes it is a powerful and creative impulse. When writing we are directly connected with our hearts. And so, we have the chance to invite our heart’s voice and our creativity to courageously emerge and support and accompany us on our search for our authentic path.


By writing we can come to grips with our own life. Are you intrigued by my HeartCraft Writing Works services? I would be glad to send you impulses and prompts for your chosen theme from my desk here in Zurich and support you on your very own and personal way, mindfully spelling out the words.


Or are you interested in a writing dialogue as a form of creative coaching? During this process your own sentences and answers will resonate within you, allowing you to get a stronger feeling for yourself and your issues. You set the pace for your personal writing class.


I am looking forward to seeing your written words and to plunging into the world of words together. Your first email may begin with just one word that still puts us in the middle of it: a wonderfully exciting and adventurous journey of creativity and writing. Welcome!